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For those that do not need sophisticated tools to communicate with their clients, we have introduced an easier way to do that. We have developed a simple and powerful script that  gives your web site the subscribe/unsubscribe  and  mass mailing capabilities. With this scripting tool your visitors can subscribe to your newsletter, receive a confirmation about the subscription, and be confirmed as a subscriber.

How does it work?

For a small, one time setup fee, we will install the script on your server, or for a small monthly fee we will provide you with a web site dedicated only to subscribe/unsubscribe your visitors.

   General Features of Subscribe/Unsubscribe script.


- Visitors can subscribe/unsusbcribe by simple typing their email and clicking the button "Subscribe/Unsubscribe".

- Customized subject line of e-mail that will be sent when someone      subscribes.

- Customized body of the message of email that will be sent when someone subscribes.

- No maintenance necessary

- Easily integrated with Multiemail programs.

- Sends a simple text message to all subscribers from the list.

  If you need to send fully customized email newsletters then you have to consider one of      Multiemail programs


Benefits of mass email


-The most profitable method for generating traffic and   developing relationships with your customer database.

- Email advertising is the most successful form of marketing new products on the Internet  Digital Camera repair and parts


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